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This page is maintained by omochi (whose real name is Atsuhiro Tanaka) who is a member of a sponsoring organization of Isenoumi Beya in cooperation with Mr. Asasaka, a manager of Isenoumi Beya, Shikimori Yodayuu, Makuuchi Gyoji or referee, and others in Isenoumi Beya. We are intended to deliver messages from Isenoumi Beya for SUMO fans.

I am sorry, only a few English pages are available yet, and the English pages are not compatible with the Japanese ones.

Hatsu Basho: Jan. 9 - 23, Hoshitori or daily results (in Japanese)
Komusubi Tosanoumi 4-6
Maegashira 13 Oikari 7-3
Juryo 5 Kitakachidoki 6-4

Dec. 22: Banzuke Announcement
Tosanoumi: Komusubi, Oikari: Maegashira 13, Kitakachidoki: Juryo 5

Information so far (Oct.31) Information for visitors
Introduction of Isenoumi Beya (Stable) and Oyakata (Master) Introduction of Rikishi (Wrestlers)
Messages from Shikimori Yodayuu, Makuuchi Gyoji or referee (May 10) Miscelaneous matters in Isenoumi Beya (Mar 13)
Introduction of a sponsoring organization
Introduction of Isenoumi Beya
BY SUMO Association
Gallery Isenoumi (June 5)
Links related to Isenoumi Beya
Tosanoumi's cyber fan club Harasawa, a chanko-nabe restaurant
Tosanoumi fan's page
by an editor of Isenoumi Beya's news letter

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